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Hello everyone!  Welcome to my website!  My name is Lance D. Gill and I decided to create this website for the purpose celebrating the Swickard Family and all its related families.  I began researching the Swickard family’s history and genealogy when I was 12 years old (which was a long, long time ago—I’m 45 now).  During that time, I have collected much material with the help of other dedicated researchers, to whom I am very indebted.  Since I began my research, my goal has been to put together the most complete genealogy of the Swickard family in America.

Our common ancestor, Daniel Zwigart (Swickard) came to America in 1765 to Pennsylvania and settled in what is now Washington County.  It is well established that he had four children, namely:  Martin, Elizabeth, who married Philip Saltsman, Eve, who married Isaac Lash and Daniel Jr.  He and his wife may have had other children, but these four are those who survived him, married and had families of their own.  My work was inspired by two gentlemen, both early Swickard historians.  In the 1920s and 1930, Charles R. Swickard of Columbus, Ohio, a descendant of Daniel Swickard Jr., and Ambrose M. Bower of Lebanon, Ohio, a descendant of Martin Swickard, did a great deal of research regarding the Swickard family.  Ambrose published a “Directory of the Bower Swickard Families”, which for many years was the “bible” regarding the history of the Swickard family.  Charles was a great correspondent with many Swickard descendants and I was very fortunate to acquire all of his original research when his daughter, Marian, passed away in Columbus.  An article written by Charles regarding the Swickard family was published in the Ohio Genealogical Quarterly after his death in 1940 and in memory of him.  These early researchers were great inspirations to carry on their work.

This website, as you can see from the “buttons” above, is divided into sections that are continuously under construction and being updated as time permits.  You will see a button for each of Daniel Zwigart’s four children.  By clicking on each button, a word document of my creation will appear giving you the “basics” on that child’s descendants to the present day as far as I have determined them.  These word documents will be updated as information becomes available.  As of July, 2010, I have posted word documents for each of the four Swickard children. 

You will also find on this website a Photo Gallery, where I have posted photographs of many Swickard relatives.  It is my hope that as people use this website that they will send me additional information to supplement the word documents and additional photographs to include in the photo gallery.  Each contributor will be acknowledged under the contributors button on this site.

Another reason why I have created this website is so I can maintain as much control as possible over the information that is put on the internet regarding this family.  It is my goal that this site become the primary source for accurate information on the Swickard family.  Websites like ancestry.com and genealogy.com are venues by which any so-called researcher can put any information out there and by doing so, represent that information’s truthfulness or accuracy.  I have even found where people have taken earlier unfinished research notes of mine (which later proved to be inaccurate) and posted the information on these websites.  I chose not to post the information myself as I knew it was not ready, but these persons basically stole my work and posted it as their own.  All this did was perpetuate misinformation which does nobody any good.

One thing this website does not do at the present time is promote the claims that the ancestors of Daniel Zwigart have been discovered in Germany.  For a number of years, certain “researchers” have posted information claiming that Daniel Zwigart’s ancestors have been identified in Germany.  I have asked these researchers for their proof for these claims and thus far none has been forthcoming.   As a serious researcher, I am of course interested in any information that can either be proven by direct or circumstantial evidence.  It is my hope that our connection in Germany can be established but I will not promote conjecture that is baseless just so we can fill in the blanks.  That would be reckless and wrong.

This website is free to anyone who wishes to visit.  I hope that the information found in it and the information still to come will prove interesting and valuable to you and your descendants to come.  Please contribute what you have so that we can together make this website one of the best and most complete of its kind on the internet.

Thank you and happy hunting!

Lance D. Gill Esq.

Canton, Ohio


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